Welcome to Sigma Machine’s New Website!

Sigma Machine

As we’re sure that most of our regular visitors have noticed, Sigma Machine’s website has undergone quite a change! Integrating the color scheme of our old site, our new site offers more information, easier navigation and a wealth of new features. One of the biggest changes, moving towards a larger format, allows us to showcase our products and processes much, much better… as indicated by the “Welcome to Sigma Machine” video that graces the site’s front page.

In addition to these structural changes, we’ve ensured that every aspect of the site is 100% mobile friendly. Now, whether you’re on a laptop, a desktop or a mobile phone, you can browse our site, learn about our company and even send us a contact request.

Enhancing this ability is the site’s new navigation. Gone are the drop-down menus of the old site, replaced, instead, with a more intuitive, straightforward means of navigation. This lean, direct way to browse the site creates more opportunities for our visitors to explore the site and discover what separates Sigma from the competition.

At Sigma Machine, we are a forward-thinking, innovative company. Our new website aims to capture those qualities and create an engaging, informative experience for the site’s visitors. We encourage everyone – customers, suppliers and employees – to take a look at the new site and, more importantly, learn more about us by watching the video that we’ve included on the site’s front page!

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